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How To Use PhosLocker:

It’s so simple to use, it almost feels silly to make a tutorial!

Step 1

Place In Pool

The PhosLocker pouch can be placed in the throat of the skimmer or inside the skimmer basket.

If locating inside the skimmer basket, routinely, clean basket from leaves and debris to ensure good water flow contact with the PhosLocker pouch.

Step 2

After 30 Days, Remove from Pool

Once 30 days is up, remove PhosLocker from pool, it’s really that easy!

step 3

Use pouch contents to provide phosphate rich compost to your garden

Thanks to our LOW WASTE technology, the contents of your PhosLocker pouch now contain nutrient rich fertilizer that you can add to your garden and flower beds!

Check Out PhosLocker in Action!

  • 10 gallon simulated pools.
  • Left pool contains PhosLocker Max coated media.

  • Right pool has no treatment.

  • The chlorine level in both simulated pools was less than .5 PPM.

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