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Featured: Crystal Clarity Products

Crystal Clarity Product line is a high end retail and online product line for homeowners.  Anchored with the Chitosan Clarifier.

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Check out our new line of Hidroklear products!

Hidroklear is a specialty chemical and equipment line of products engineered for the bather load of commercial & residental pools.  RecH20 is the parent company of PoolStoreDirect.com & Hidroklear Specialty Manufacturing & Genesis Consulting & Rep Group Int’l

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Pool Supplies

Pool and Spa Supplies

Spa Supplies

Pool and Spa Supplies

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Have you tried PhosLocker?  The SUPER simple phosphate removal pouch that will leave your pool sparkling?

How to save money on Chlorine Tablets this Summer!

The swimming pool industry has been struggling for the last year and those struggles often affect the pool owner in several ways.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions many of the manufacturers and suppliers of pool and spa products are significantly behind the market...